Elgin Fisher


My name is Elgin and I was named after a famous basketball player or an old fancy watch company depending on which parent you ask. I was born in Buffalo NY (so “Go Bills”) and raised between there and Houston TX. 

I wouldn’t say worldly but I have been around. I have always been what most would call a thinker, and with that comes creativity. As a kid, I would build and design things from games to toys. I learned to look past what’s in front of me and find meaning and what makes something work. By my teens, I was in studios dissecting music which led me to school and a bachelor’s degree in multimedia. Photography is one of my most recent loves and I am in 8 plus years in a relationship with it.

I wouldn’t say I have a style as much as I would say I have a goal. As I said earlier I look for meaning and the meaning I found that works is creating an image that captures the emotions, feelings, and essence of a moment. So to do this I have set two goals. The first goal is to take a picture that you could frame and put on your wall and every time you walk past it you remember and feel that day. The other goal is that 100 years from now a descendant or even a stranger finds the picture, blows the dust off it and when they look at it they feel like they remember that day, and knew the people in the picture even though they were never there.

I look forward to working with you and making sure you are remembered well.

Elgin's Portfolio