Irving Lopez

Irving Lopez Wedding Photographer Videographer

Hello there, I’m Irving Lopez and I’m a born and raised Las Vegas native. My photography career started here at Chapel of the Flowers in 2013. When I first started I didn’t know anything about photography but with my artist background I was able to pick it up pretty quickly. I was fortunate enough to learn from a creative group of artists during my time at the chapel and throughout the years I’ve honed my skills to be where I am now as a professional photographer. I’ve always been really grateful for the opportunity the Chapel provided me to learn and improve my photography.


I would call my style Bold, Romantic and Dynamic. I use a lot of off camera flash techniques to really make my subjects pop and stand out! My editing style is more true to life but I also like to add a little bit of warmth and depth to the photos to enhance the lighting. I would also say I’m very confident in connecting with couples/clients as well. During my time at the Chapel, I learned very quickly that connections and customer interactions are just as important to the experience as the photos are. So I strive to always have fun and engaging shoots with my clients. I want them to feel like they’re just hanging out with a friend and taking fun photos instead of a serious traditional photo session with a stranger.


On a personal note I’m a big nerd. I love all things surrounding pop culture like video games, movies, anime and music. On my days off you can find me playing video games with my wife and family, jamming out to all sorts of music with my son Leon, going to a Karaoke bar with my best friends, playing the Pokemon trading card game with friends, or at home/theaters watching the most recent Marvel or Star Wars media. I’m telling you, I’m a big nerd!

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