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Our main team is located in the Las Vegas area. We offer destination wedding services throughout the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Canada.

Yes, and we can provide documentation upon request. We can also provide riders for any venues in Las Vegas upon their request. All of our photographers and videographers are also OSHA certified, which is a requirement now in the state of Nevada.

Our team of amazing photographers services more than 4,000 couples per year! (Yes, you read that right!)

Every Detail Photography officially opened its doors in 2009 and has serviced more than 50,000 customers since that time.

Photo Packages

Most frequent questions and answers

This depends greatly on the situation we are shooting in. It will either be large-file JPEG or RAW. Typically though we prefer to shoot everything in Camera RAW and post-process all of our photos for exposure, color, cropping, and geometry correction.

You can always add more time to a package. The closer to your event date it gets, the more difficult it can become to add more time due to scheduling conflicts. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

In short, no. We cull out images where there might have been a focus, lighting, or a posing issue. We do this to make sure you only see the best images from your shoot. Trust us, you don’t want the photos where someone has their eyes closed.

The two most common ways modern cameras save their photos is .JPG and RAW. Even when saved in high resolution and quality, the data in .JPG format is similar to a finished print. The camera interprets data from the photographer and essentially cooks that data into the .JPG image. While you can edit these images, you suffer from severe quality loss in doing so. This is why typically. JPG images are best for use as the final output of your wedding photos. Some photographers simply shoot in .JPG mode and hand those photos over to their couples out of camera and that’s like handing a polaroid to someone rather than a finished print that came from film that was edited in an effort to deliver cheap, low-quality photography.

At Every Detail Photography, we believe in delivering the absolute best quality possible. This is why all of our photographers only shoot in Camera RAW. This results in each photographic data file being 10X the size because the image is uncompressed, much like a digital version of a film negative. Here we can manipulate the image for the absolute best quality output possible. Every photo session has eyes on 100% of the photos shot. We cull the duds and the test shots, leaving you with only the best photos shot and then we edit each and every photo with meticulous detail for exposure, cropping, color, and contrast. This ensures all of your photos are of the highest possible quality, which is what you want in the photos shot of the most important day of your life! 


Should you wish to have any of your images retouched for such things as blemish removal, skin softening, teeth whitening, background removal, or other such detail work on your photos, we provide those services as well. Contact Us for more details on image retouching services we provide.

Absolutely! All of our photo shoot packages grant you full printing rights. We also can provide prints for you as well. However, why would you trust someone at Walgreens to print your memories on a low-quality printer by someone who last week was stocking shelves in the Cosmetics department when you can have trained professionals, like us, print your photos on a state-of-the-art, high-quality printer? Many of our photo packages include print options or you can CLICK HERE to review our different print packages to add to any photo shoot.

We do not release unedited images.

All photos are edited within 72 hours after your wedding, portrait session, engagement, or other event shoots. Some photographers take weeks or even months to deliver wedding or event photos, but not at Every Detail Photography! Our photographers and our team of local post-processors get to work on your photos immediately after the shoot. We believe that photography is one of the most important gifts you can have for yourself after your event and we want you to have them right away so we work hard to do rush processing on all our photo shoots. Video highlight reels are a bit more complex in creating though, and the turnaround time on all highlight videos or ceremony videos is within ten (10) business days.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can reserve your date and time by contacting us through our contact page or calling our phone line. A retainer is required at the time of booking to secure the date and time.

Yes! All of our photographers have years of experience in wedding and event photography and are specially chosen by Every Detail Photography to be the best wedding photographers in Las Vegas. All of our team members not only specialize in wedding and event photography, but undergo regular training and reviews to insure that they are up on the latest trends, using the latest technology in camera equipment, and most importantly, have a strong passion for shooting weddings, engagements, and portraits! So please take the time to review our entire roster of incredible wedding photographers and choose the one who you think will be the best fit for the style of photography for you by CLICKING HERE

All bookings are based on availability. As we work with clients from all over the world who come to Las Vegas for their wedding photography, we advise booking your shoot at least 30 days out for most sessions and 90 days out for full-day weddings. We always try to accommodate a shorter timeframe, when possible, but all of our photographers are based solely on availability.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our team uses a variety of professional brands such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, Profoto, and many more. All photo shoots will be shot on a full-frame camera with backup cards.

Yes, we have redundant storage systems both locally and cloud-based. We keep all work for a minimum of one year. Longer storage is available by request for an additional fee.

Yes, yes, and yes! All of our photoshoots are shot on multiple storage cards for redundancy, are stored on high-tech servers, and are backed up nightly. We understand the importance of never losing one of your photos!


Most frequent questions and answers

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

A retainer is due at the time of booking. The final payment is due no later than 30 days before your scheduled shoot.